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5 Jul 2007 - 9 May 2008
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  • We aim to give the highest quality service possible,the greatest care is taken with all aspects of the clients property
  • From taking care in entering a property, to leaving knowing the best possible job of cleaning the items in question has been done, and the client is happy and would be pleased to use us again in future.

All upholstery is cleaned on site

  • First, the upholstery is inspected and tested to ascertain the best method of cleaning that particular fabric. ( It may not be suitable for spray extraction cleaning )
  • Most upholstery is cleaned using the " spray extraction method". Hot cleaning solution is sprayed as a fine mist under high pressure into the pile of the fabric. This is then instantly extracted by a powerful vacuum at the suction head.
  • Care is taken in the room the cleaning is taking place. A plastic sheet is placed on the carpet and absorbant blankets on top of that,to soak up any overspray.
  • Before cleaning the fabric would be tested for colour fastness, then if o.k. greasy areas would be presprayed. 
  • Drying times. During cleaning several "drying passes" are made. A combination of a high powered extraction machine and good cleaning techniques , learned through years of experience in the trade leads to optimum drying times.
  • The inconvenience of a few hours drying time can be far outweighed by the benefits of a deep down cleaning method.
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